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Response format : JSON

HTTP methods : GET

Response object : news

Rate limit : No

Api version : 1.0

Object Description
Specifies the number of whatsnew items to retrieve. Default is five. Example: 2
Specifies the sort method of the response set. Default sort is on publication date. Priority sort set to true, will sort the messages on priority set by AviaMagazine. Default is false. Example: true
If supplied, the response will use the JSONP format with a callback of the given name.

Request example:


Response example:

                        "about": "AviaMagazine Whatsnew",
                        "support": "",
                        "version": "1.0",
                        "count": "2",
                        "priority_sort": "false",
                        "created": "2012-12-06T20:49:53.3854604+01:00",
                        "news": [
                                "title": "Royal International Air Tattoo 2012",
                                "sub_title": "Biggest military air show at RAF Fairford",
                                "body": "The annual Royal International Air Tattoo (RIAT) is one of the biggest military air shows in the world held at RAF Fairford. Aviamagazine’s correspondent Leo Hoogerbrugge visited this year’s show on Sunday 8 July and departure, the next day.",
                                "content_type": "Show Report",
                                "publish_date": "201207180000",
                                "page_link": "",
                                "photo_url": ""
                                "title": "Moscow Tour 2011, Episode 1",
                                "sub_title": "Tour around the city and MAKS air show",
                                "body": "August 2011 we headed to Moscow for an aviation tour around the city and a visit to the MAKS air show. Since Russia isnt fully open for spotters we joined an organised tour with Aeroprints. With 15 years of experience they have lots of contacts, very useful to visit restricted areas. Although we visited both civil and military sites, the main focus of this article is on civil aviation.",
                                "content_type": "Trip Report",
                                "publish_date": "201206060000",
                                "page_link": "",
                                "photo_url": ""
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