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By Gostar den Daas | July 2016

Royal International Air Tattoo 2016

Fairford’s Year of the Lightning.

The annual Royal International Air Tattoo at RAF Fairford would be extra special this year, with the first visit of six F-35s, including the STOVL B version and the first RAF B model. Aviamagazine was present on the last show day and departure day on Monday.

Like every year the static had a large variety of aircraft, Australia send a KC-30 and Pakistan a beautifully painted Hercules. Also lots of EF-2000s this year. Great to see two Greek Phantoms still going strong. Departure day would prove this is still one of the most impressive fighters out there.


XX319, Hawk

ZK329 / FH, Typhoon

ZG771, Tornado

ZA612 / 074, Tornado

ZK027 / R, Hawk

ZZ191, Hunter

XX316 / CU-849, Hawk

ZH883, Hercules

4144, L-382

CH-08, C-130

60+03, P-3

140105, CP-140

G-AHKX, Avro 652

A39-001, KC-30

39821 / 821, JAS-39

FA-77, F-16

FA-77, F-16

86-0176 / LN, F-15

91-0605 / LN, F-15

86-0165 / LN, F-15

01504, F-4

71755, F-4

01504, F-4

C.16-36 / 14-03, EF-2000

30+59, EF-2000

MM55095 / 4-23, TF-2000

30+29, EF-2000

30+68, EF-2000

ZK315, Typhoon

ZK315, Typhoon

46+50, Tornado

58-0100 / D, KC-135

XW324, Jet Provost

Stars of the show

The F-35s, two present on the static, were of course stars of the show. This was the first time a B model visited Europe. The US Marines from VMFAT-501 brought two aircraft while the Air Force was present with three F-35As! (Two were planned). With the RAF B model, in all 6 were at Fairford during the show days. With two F-22s the Next Gen fighter theme was complete.

12-5058 / LF, F-35

12-5058 / LF, F-35

168727 / VM-19 , F-35

12-5058 / LF, F-35

168727 / VM-19, F-35

168727 / VM-19 , F-35

12-5058 / LF, F-35

09-4181 / FF, F-22

09-4191 / FF, F-22

168727 / VM-19 , F-35

The weather was so so, but at least dry, and during the show, sunny at times. Other highlights on the static were the Croatian Mi-171, first visit, and the Japanese KC-767. Another special visitor was the Omani C-295. This aircraft came straight from the factory and was flown to Oman after the show.

ZE416, A-109

E167 / 705-MN, Alpha Jet

ZJ645, Alpha Jet

D-890, CH-47

12-0063, CV-22

053, Falcon 20

1017, M-28

ZZ337, Voyager

07-3604, KC767

07-3604, KC767

07-3604, KC767



168853 / 853, P-8

168853 / 853, P-8

NZ7572, B757



223, Mi-171

D-HDDL, EC-135

ZJ226, Apache

026, C-295

87+62, Bo105

013, C-295

252, CN-235

50+48, C-160

G-SOAF, Strikemaster

347, C-130

903, C-295

54+03, A-400

I-FENI, P.166

353 / 125-AM, Mirage 2000

353 / 125-AM, Mirage 2000

353 / 125-AM, Mirage 2000

88-0032, F-16

88-0032, F-16

142 / 4-GU, Rafale

375 / 125-CL, Mirage 2000

FA-123, F-16

4046, F-16

523, F-16

In part 2 we look into the airshow, with impressive demo’s of the F-35, EF-2000 and Greek F-16C “Zeus”.

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