Special Reports
By SM Jolanda Dam-Bloothoofd (LCKLu fotografie) / Arno Marchand | March, April 2005

RNLAF F-16 solo display

Exclusive report, presenting new demo J-055

After several years, the RNLAF replaced it´s demo F-16 (J-016) with a new airframe J-055 and a complete new color scheme. The F-16, operated by Cap. Gert-Jan "Goofy" Vooren from 306 squadron, Volkel AB, can be seen in most European air shows this season.

AviaMagazine already was the first site worldwide to show you the first pictures off the rollout at Woensdrecht AB on March 31. Now we're proud to present exclusive pictures of the first acceptation demo held at Woensdrecht AB on April 21st. Besides the F-16 display team, the PC-7 display and Apache display teams presented the 2005 display to Commodore (General) Eikelboom of the RNLAF.

Rollout Gallery

First Display Gallery

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