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Are you a developer, or own a site or blog? On this page we share widgets and feeds to embed in websites or apps.

info_outline Developers using the API's, please note our API's have be updated! Old API's won't be depreciated just now, but updating is advisable. Read all about the new endpoints below. Also our javascript plugin will be updated soon.
Aviamagazine API

The Aviamagazine API was built to provide access to Aviamagazine.com data for use in other sides or systems. It will provide real-time information on for instance news and photo information. Requests to the REST API are made using a normal HTTP GET URL structure and responses are provided in JSON format.

The following API documentation can be applied for any major programming langauge and will present general integration guides and explanations around API endpoints, request parameters and response objects.

RandomPic Widget

With the Aviamagazine Randompic widget you can add a random photo to your website or blog.

Setting up is very easy, at even with little technical knowledge you’re able to embed the widget in your site or blog. It’s also possible to alter the layout and content by supplying additional parameters.