Exercise Reports

TLP 2006-5

Frits Jongerman / Eric Pols | September 2006
Exercise report

On September 28th we visited the TLP exercise at Florennes AB. When we arrived the sun was shining. We had a base visit so we could see and photograph all the participants. Today the last mission for this TLP exercise was flown. Besides the participants, some support aircraft were planned.

First we photographed the TLP participants and after that we had a choice; walking to the runway and photograph take off or stay near the TLP ramp and make some nice taxi shots. Normally we do the take off but this time we decided to stay near the ramp.

Most of the aircraft were photographed with sunny conditions. First all five F-15C Eagles from 493 FS 48 FW "Grim Reapers" took off followed by a "civilian" Falcon 20ECM from FRA.

After take off we left the base and we decided to wait till the TLP mission was recovered. It was a nice surprise when three AH-64Ds from 301 Sqn RnethAF arrived (Q-13, 14 and 21). When the last TLP participant arrived, the first support aircraft was on final; a Greek C-130H, followed by another Greek C-130H with nice EUFOR markings. Always nice to photograph these C-130Hs with this nice weather. Its much better than all the low vissibility colors and markings. Also a Spanish CN-295 arrived, followed by F-16AM. The last one was a big surprise; all four F-16AMs from the Norwegian Air Force already on the platform. It seemed to be a visitor and this aircraft left Florennes on the next day, together with the other four Vipers.

Normally the TLP participants leave Florennes at the Friday but some of them departed in the afternoon, around one hour after the landing (and debriefing). All 3 Tornado ECRs from JBG-32 with callsign "GAF LC01, 21 and 22" Mirage F.1CR (FAF 4220) and two Mirage 2000Ds ("FAF7230A/B")

288, F-16

674, F-16

86-0176 / LN, F-15

Q-13, AH-64

521, F-16

521, F-16

526, F-16

612 / 33-NJ, Mirage F1

746, C-130

86-0167 / LN, F-15

-, F-15

519, F-16

523, F-16

327 / 4-CJ, Mirage 2000

662 / 33-CZ, Mirage F1

667 / 3-JZ, Mirage 2000

611 / 3-JG, Mirage 2000

C15-94 / 46-22, F/A-18

-, F-15

MM7198 / 32-03 , AMX

ZA564, Tornado

TLP mission (in order of taxi):
F-15C493 FS / 48 FW84-009, 86-156, 86-163, 86-167 and 86-176 ["Reaper"]
Falcon 20ECMFRAG-FRAI [Iglu 07]
F-16C(340 mira/115 PM)521 (99-1521), 519 (99-1529) [Iglu 40,41]
Tornado ECRJBG-3246+49, 46+28 [Iglu 22,23]
AMX13 Gr/32 StMM7198 / 32-03 and MM7197 / 32-21 [Iglu 01,02]
Tornado F.3No 111 Sqn/RAFZE968/HB and ZG799/HJ [Iglu 30,31]
F-16C(340 Mira/115 PM)526 (99-1526) and 523 (99-1523) [Iglu 12,13]
Tornado Gr.431 SqnZA564 "1916-2006" tailmarkings [Iglu 03]
Tornado Gr.414 Sqn/RAFZA554/BF [Iglu 04]
Mirage 2000NEC 02.004374/4-BS
Mirage 2000NEC 03.004327/4-CJ
Mirage F.1CRER 01.033662/33-CZ [Iglu 24]
Mirage 2000DEC 02.003667/3-JZ and 611/3-JG [Iglu 10, 11]
F-16AMFLO/RnorAF674, 665*, 662 and 288 [Iglu 16, 17, 18 and 19]
F/A-18A462 Esc/Ala 46C.15-79/46-07 (ex. USN 161940), C.15-94/46-22 (ex. USN 161958) [Iglu 14,15]
Left on the ramp during TLP mission:
Tornado ECRJBG-3246+56; dep in the afternoon
Mirage F.1CRER 02.033612/33-NJ
742C-130H356 Mira arr "HAF 356F" UNHCR mks
746C-130H356 Mira arr "HAF 356M" EUFOR mks
295F-16AMFLO arr "NOR 5004"
T.21-06 / 35-44CN-295Ala 35 arr "AME 3507" grey c/s

* "5.000hrs Bodo 2004" tailmarkings
Local 2 Wing F-16s: F-16AM: FA83, FA84, FA91, FA92 ,FA101, FA107, FA108, FA125, FA131,FA135 F-16BM: FB02 ,FB17

We like to thank TLP Public Affairs for this nice day. A month ago some messages were sent about the future of the TLP at Florennes. Spain will be the next country to host the TLP missions so we have to wait till an out of area TLP will be in this, Northern, part of Europe. Next year the runway will be closed for about half a year so probably the first 3 or 4 TLP session will be flown from another base(s). Later this year the last TLP session for this year [November 6th - December 1st).

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