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China 2005

21 March – China Aviation Museum (Datangshan)

A new day and unlike the last it was clouded. On the program: a cultural visit that off course can’t be missed when visiting China. The Great Wall of China. We visited place Badaling 70 kilometers north-west of Beijing. This is one of the best placed the visit the 5000 km long wall. Unfortunately also with the most tourists. Badaling is located at a height of 1000 meters and gives a magnificent view of the wall which follows the contours of the mountains. Beware, it’s very hard to climb the wall, but well worthwhile!

More on Datangshan? Check our China Aviation Museum out of service special.

open_in_new China Aviation Museum Special

Next the military highlight of our trip, the legendary place Datangshan Aviation Museum, now called the China Aviation Museum. With more then 300 aircraft on display, this is one of the largest military aviation museum in the World. The museum is located 60 kilometers north of Beijing in Xiaotangshan (Changping district). The museum grounds were once part of the massive Shahezhen air base which it’s still connected to with a kilometers long taxiway (see the satellite images). The base is well know because of it’s secret tunnel hangar, inside a mountain. The tunnel now houses the pride of the collection from the early days of Chinese aviation.

The photo’s below are only a few of the highlights of the museum. For more pictures and a complete inventory check our Out of Service special.

0001, J-8B

0881, F-2

03, L-29

03 red, MiG-15

26, Z-6

3029, Li-2

4114, Tu-4

9886, BE-6

11264, H-5

flighter line-up

20255, J-8

21397, Y-5

10794, H-6

50055, HS-121

50258, VC-843


B-2024, Il-62

B-226, Il-18

22 March – Beijing Capital Airport

Today we started early to catch the Y-8 of China Postal Airlines, which arrives early in the morning. The Y-8 (Chinese build An-12) is very rare in civil aviation, so it can’t be missed. Because of light conditions we started the day on the east side of runway 18R/36L (place spot 2). Just after the Y-8 arrived (Pff) the police asked use to leave. The North Korean prime minister was due to arrive with the Air Koryo Il-18 Flight. After this we continued at place spot 1.

B-3102, Y-8

B-2327, A300

B-5046, B737

B-2331, A319

B-2286, A321

B-2322, A300

B-2385, A340

B-3949, Do328

B-6057, A330

VN-A347, A321

B-MAP, A321

B-HYF, A330

The China Southern A330 (B-6057) was brand new, and concluded it’s first commercial flight with the landing at Beijing Capital this day.

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